About Us


HI.  We are Steve n' Karyn Anderson and we'd like to thank you for visiting our website today.  We are so thankful for our talented team of designers, engineers, artists, and educators who work hard alongside us to bring about value-based entertainment for each of our communities.  We know that without your support, it would not be possible to continue our journey to create programs we hope will someday inspire and entertain families worldwide.  Please take a moment to look at our merchandise and programs designed with your family in mind and drop us a note if there's anything you think we can be doing better to serve your family's needs.  Aloha!


Popcorn Media is made up of three award-winning production entitites:

  • Popcorn Pictures - where we create family movies, children's television, and corporate videos 
  • Popcorn Records - where we develop music artists, musicals, and music jingles for the family audience
  • Popcorn Attractions - where we combine everything we've learned how to do to create theme park rides, events, and other immersive experiences.


IMAGINATION - We strive to use our imagination to create spectacular entertainment for a better world.

EDUCATION - We aim to spread messages of hope and humanity through our educational entertainment.

MOTIVATION - We hope to motivate children and their families to do good through positive, inspirational, message-based experiences.