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School Assemblies

  • "The best assembly I've seen in my 35 years of teaching!" Art City Elementary, Springville UT
  • "It truly had the attention of our entire school. Our students were engaged, entertained, and actively participated.  The parents who were there were impressed and pleased.  It was unique and special, and I would recommend it for anyone!"  East Layton Elementary, Layton UT
  • "Our children have been talking about the assembly for weeks.  It was truly a remarkable learning experience!" Locke School, Chicago IL
  • "If you're school is looking for a unique way to communicate a character education message, Popcorn Educational Media has developed an interactive program that will reinforce the work you are doing in your school." The Community of Caring national office
  • "Steve is fun, energetic and extremely easy to work with.  His enthusiasm for his art is definitely transferred to the children. His music, his manner, and the message he sends to young people is definitely to be commended." The Boys and Girls Club of Scottsdale AZ
  • "The students thought the assembly was great.  The staff thought the message was excellent." Kearns Jr. High, Salt Lake City UT

The following is a list of our educational school assemblies which include: music-video concerts, cinetheatre puppet shows, and motivational presentations for grades K-12.

"The Power of Media" - a white-ribbon, internet safety & media presentation


Go behind-the-scenes and learn how the media we consume affects our lives.  Meet an experienced TV media producer who demonstrates media literacy principles, internet safety, and responsible media consumption.

"LIVE and Learn" - a character education concert


Respect, responsibility, caring, family, and trust are among the character education values taught through song, video projection, and audience interactions. Can be customized to fit your school's character program.

"Unleash the Dragon" - an imagination/ creativity presentation


Explore imagination and the creative process with an artist who has worked for Disney and Universal studios to help create movies, theme park attractions, television shows, and music recordings.  

"LOVE n' Life" - a concert about healthy relationships


Maintaining healthy, human relationships can be tricky when "friends" turn into girl and boy-"friends."  So, let's talk about it . . . through humor, clever songs, and expert advice for tweens and teens.

"Higher" - a red-ribbon week anti-drugs/tobbaco concert


Learn the importance of living a life void of drugs and tobacco.  Through music, videos, and demonstration, students are encouraged to reach their highest level!

"You Rock!" - a music-video concert to reward students


Congratulations to your students!  They accomplished their goals.  And now it's time to celebrate!  Boost your students' self-esteem through this age-appropriate live band or DJ show! 

"How to Stop Bullying!" - a concert featuring Daryl Sabara of Spy Kids


Featuring video projection of Daryl Sabara, the star of "Spy Kids," in an exclusive interview with Popcorn Media talking about bullies. This cool, interactive concert is a crowd favorite!

"The Nature Show!" - teaching natural history through music, puppets, and projections


Based on state standards, this cinetheatre-style puppet show stars a lovable cast of furry characters teaching students about the flora and fauna in their state.

"Stand Up!" - a health & fitness concert featuring Jimmy Sport®


Based on the songs from our award-winning Jimmy Sport® series, this costumed dog will have your students up dancing, singing, and moving before you can say, "Stand Up!"

"The Great Christmas Sing-a-long" holiday concert featuring a special visitor (shhh!)


Travel the globe with us to experience interesting holiday traditions from around the world, while singing along to everyone's favorite holiday tunes. 

"Imagine That!" - an interactive movement show for early childhood learners


"Imagine That!" is a show with lots of interactive movement songs.  Journey to the sea, jungle, outer space or wherever our imaginations take us.

"Rad Daddy-O" - a high-energy, rockabilly music concert/sock hop


"Rad Daddy-O" brings a high-energy fresh approach to the music and styles of the 1950's-60's.  Perfect for entertaining a diverse group of ages.

  • "Popcorn Media was a a super way to kick-off our school year... the electrifying musicianship and media background... captivated our first through fifth grade audience." Carpenter Elementary Park Ridge, IL
  • "Engaging, captivating all grades... a gifted musician and motivational performer." Daybreak Elementary, South Jordan UT
  • "An excellent find for our school.. great to have on campus, inspirational to the children, and just the boost our school needed!"  Littleton Elementary, Cashion AZ
  • "You are a talented.. and gifted teacher.  I am aware that it was not an easy group to handle.  You captured their interest... earned their respect... by showing how much you cared about them."  Mesa Arts Academy, Mesa AZ
  • "The students seemed to be very receptive to the music and the message.. especially watching their peers on stage.  I was pleased at the number of students who wanted to get your autographs."  West Lake Jr High, Salt Lake City UT
  • "The best assembly we've had this year!"  District assembly coordinator, Phoenix AZ

Meet your Host - Steve Anderson

All of our assemblies feature dynamic multi-media video projection and are hosted by singer-songwriter and entertainment producer, Steve Anderson, who has: 

  • worked with artists like Elton John, Britney Spears, Steven Spielberg, Smash Mouth, Train,  Evanescence, N'Sync, Olivia Newton-John, and John Travolta,
  • created music, television, and theme park projects for family-oriented companies like Disney, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Gerber, and Nintendo,
  • and performed thousands of concerts, assemblies, and workshops for elementary, middle, and high schools and libraries around the globe.

Steve can perform each assembly listed above as either a solo artist/presenter or with his band of merry-friends.  (We also offer individual classroom performances through video conferencing now!)

Click on the following links to view Steve's:

production demo

core values

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Summer Camps and After-School Programs


Movie Star Camp® and Movie Star Musical

Looking for an amazing summer camp and after-school program for your location?  Look no further!  Movie Star Camp® is the best new arts experience for kids in the country.  Created by a former Disney and Nickelodeon producer/director, Movie Star Camp and Movie Star Musical offer kids ages 7 to 14 an opportunity to learn what it takes to star on the big screen!  Forget Hollywood!  Let us bring the magic of movies to a location near you.

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