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Popcorn Recording Artists


Wonderdog is a "kindie" rock group that combines a cool guitar sound with sweet vocal harmonies and positive lyrics aimed at inspiring kids.  With their signature anthem, "School's Cool!", Wonderdog delivers a bang!

Imagine That!

Imagine That! is a band that takes young audiences on musical kid-sized adventures with sound and video effects, interactive movements, and catchy children's songs! 

Steve Anderson

This motivational singer/songwriter delivers thoughtful, acoustic renditions from the history of family-friendly radio and catchy originals that uplift audiences young and old.  A mashup of cool lyrics and music parents appreciate too. 

The Rad Daddyo's

A music group for the ages. Not aged. Playing rockabilly hits from the 1950's to now, plus originals designed to knock your socks off! Your bobby socks, that is! Works really well with a 1950's themed get up!

Pop Rox

Full House - our top 40 cover dance band

From motown to new wave to swing, our Top 40 dance band will bring the hits all night long and keep your party pumpin'!  These flexible, likable, and experienced musicians can customize a great show for your next event.

Audio Demos

Sample audio tracks from our Popcorn Recording artists.