Popcorn Recording Artists



Wonderdog is a "kindie" rock group that combines a cool guitar sound with sweet vocal harmonies and positive lyrics aimed at inspiring kids.  With their signature anthem, "School's Cool!", Wonderdog delivers a bang!

Steve Anderson


A singer/songwriter who delivers thoughtful original songs designed to touch your heart.  Relatable, down-to-earth, and uplifting, Steve captivates audiences with real stories and secret formulas for success and happiness.     

Rad Daddy-O


A high-energy group for the ages. Not aged!  Playing hits from the 50's-60's like they're brand new, this group will knock your socks off!  Your bobby socks.  Guaranteed to get the whole joint jumpin'!  Soc-hop, anyone?

Audio Demos

Sample audio tracks from our Popcorn Recording artists below.  Or click on their pictures above to learn more about their style and view sample videos.