A Media Literacy / Internet Safety Presentation for White Ribbon Week

Steve Anderson is a producer of television, movies, music, theater, and theme park attractions, who has created hundreds of media projects for companies around the world, including all of those companies shown here on this page.  He is also passionate about sharing his behind-the-scenes viewpoint to alert our youth about the problems he sees on the internet and in the media today.

Throughout his presentation (which is perfect for White Ribbon week), students are given a rare, authentic glimpse into the creation of media from the inside looking out.  Journey with Steve as he shares entertaining stories, behind-the-scenes, insider-information, and demonstrates how illusions (often perceived as reality) are presented through carefully crafted media.  Learn why we should be optimistically cautious about what we read, watch, and listen to, especially on the internet.

This enlightening presentation teaches principles from the national media literacy curriculum standards in conjunction with the federal requirements (CIPA) for internet safety training.  It encourages students to be informed consumers of media, seekers and supporters of that which is "good," with a cautionary message about limiting media time and staying connected to the real world around them.

Recommended for grades 3-9