"The Nature Show "

Teaching Natural History Through Puppets, Music, n' More!

Introducing our newest cinetheatre creation, "The Nature Show" featuring a lively cast of puppet animals.  Join Andy Bear, Oscar the Otter, and a cast of lovable animals on a musical, comedic journey through your state's natural history.  

Based on your state's nature curriculum standards, this assembly teaches students about weather, landscapes, fossils, plants, animals, etc through story and song!

Recommended for K-5 and especially the grade levels studying your state's natural history.

Premiering in Utah This Year!

This program will make it's debut in the  state of Utah.  Our intention is to adapt it to tell the story of each states' natural history over the next several years.  So, stay tuned!  And, let us know if you're interested.  We would be happy to move your state up the list if we know there is a demand for the show.