Assemblies for your School

"Power of Media" presentation

Go behind-the-scenes and learn how the media we consume affects our lives. Taught by a  former national TV news producer, this assembly teaches many of the core media literacy standards. 

"LIVE and Learn" concert

Respect, responsibility, caring, family, and trust are among the core character education values taught through high energy songs, video projection, and audience interaction.

"Unleash the Dragon" presentation

Learn a new approach to creativity and imagination with an artist who has helped to create theme park rides, blockbuster movies, and music for Disney, Nickelodeon, Universal Studios.

"LOVE n' Life" concert

Maintaining healthy, human relationships can be tricky when your "friends" turn into girl and boy-"friends."  So, let's talk about it... through humor, clever songs, and expert advice for teens.

Red Ribbon Week concert - "Higher"

Learn the importance of living a live void of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.  Through music, videos, and demonstration, students are taught how to reach their highest level in life!

"You Rock!" A Reward concert

Congratulations for being such good students!  You accomplished your goals.  And now it's time to celebrate!  Boost your students' self esteem through this age-appropriate pop music concert! 

"How to Stop Bullying!" concert featuring Daryl Sabara of Spy Kids

Featuring video projection of Daryl Sabara, the star of "Spy Kids," in an exclusive interview with Popcorn Media talking about bullies, this cool, pop music concert is a crowd favorite!

"The Great Christmas Adventure" a holiday concert with Santa Claus

Travel the globe with us to experience interesting holiday traditions from around the globe while singing along to everyone's favorite holiday tunes.  Featuring a special appearance by Santa himself. 

"Stand Up!" A health & fitness concert featuring Jimmy Sport

Based on the songs from our award-winning Jimmy Sport® series, this costumed dog will have your students up dancing, singing, and moving before you can say, "Stand Up!"

Meet the Host

All assemblies feature dynamic, multi-media video projection with music videos, advice from experts, and insights from peers.  They are hosted by singer/songwriter and motivational speaker, Steve Anderson, who has: 

  • performed hundreds of concerts and motivational assemblies for schools, libraries, and events for thirty+ years all over the country.

  • created projects for other companies trusted by families worldwide, such as Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, Gerber, Nintendo, and Mattel as a television writer/producer/director. 

  • worked with well-known artists such as Elton John, Britney Spears, Smash Mouth, n' Sync, Evanescence, and Train.

  • performs each of the assemblies listed above as either a solo artist or with an entire band depending on your needs.  (We also now offer live performances for individual classrooms through video conferencing)

A Summer Camp and After-School Program

Movie Star Camp® and Movie Star Musical

Looking for the newest, successful summer camp and after-school program for your location, look no further.  Movie Star Camp® is the best new arts experience for kids in the country.  Created by a former Disney and Nickelodeon producer/director, Movie Star Camp and Movie Star Musical offers kids ages 7 to 14 kids an opportunity to learn what it takes to shine up on the big screen!  Forget Hollywood!  Let us bring the magic of movies to a location near you.